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:D Miss me?!

Published June 10, 2013 by tabbimarie13

Hello blogging world! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile! We one again lost some employees at work…between 40+ hours, trying to maintain a house, keep my marriage alive and keep up with my beautiful divas…I had to slack somewhere! For that, I am sorry!
It’s been crazy over here! Kae graduated kindergarten Friday…my big girl is officially a First grader 😦


Her school doesn’t do a graduation ceremony…so I have her one!
Pae is talking more and more! Still waiting on her evaluation from Childrens hospital…but she’s improving alot.
For now here’s pictures.



That was alive in my room -_-


Yoga! Forearm Stand!


He always makes crazy faces


No edits on this!I love my camera




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Daily Dose

Published January 10, 2013 by tabbimarie13

Good evening interweb! It is about that time to place events into words and words into stories again. It has become one of my favorite down times as of late.
As I sit here with a cup of delish homemade cherry chocolate mocha, relax and let my memory flood back, I can not help but smile. I follow some very inspiring people on here, each with a different and each making the utmost best of each situation they are dealt. How can I not smile?! Aside from the blog world, I have an amazing family and that small handful of friends. I have my days where I feel as though I am alone, who doesn’t? I have my “I need REAL friends days, again who doesn’t? What I do have is more than enough for me. I am happy. I am grateful. I am loved. I am content. I am blessed.
Each person shares a story, whether they know it or not. Each story can help start a new story from a new person. With this being said, I have joined the “23 Days of Kindness.” When I say I, the divas are included.
We began yesterday with making some homemade envelopes and filling them with kind words, and treats. To our friends and family who have moved out of state we sent each a packet of tea/instant coffee and the ones with kids got tattoos and color sheets. The letters should arrive by Friday and no ones they were sent out 😀 A good old fashion penpal style letter will cheer anyone up!
This is only step one. We picked up supplies to make Valentines cards for our local nursing home, yarn to donate as well, I’m putting together bags of blankets/food/treats for the local animal shelters, crocheting hats for the nursey at the hospital, I also found a site to send hats to kids with cancer, I set aside gently used clothes and toys for the salvation army, stuffed animals for the fire dept and books for the library! This is just the beginning for us. Kae is so excited to do this that I know we will make this a weekly habit! I am so glad I have such an amazing 5 year old

Aside from this, I ordered Kae a kids yoga DVD! When she got it she instantly asked to put it in. I put together a collage of her at one with the mat for you guys. My child is a hippie at heart!


Adorable right?! I also caught Pae getting into my stickers…


A perfect model for the NoH8 campaigns! Love is well, love.

Wishing everyone an amazing evening and a peaceful night. Xoxo

P.S this made me miss the days of having a penpal, maybe I’ll put out a Wanted add. ❤

Good Morning

Published January 7, 2013 by tabbimarie13

The day has yet to fully begin! With that being said, I started my day off with what is normally my peaceful yoga. Today however I had a few extra yoga partners.


Munchkin was good motivation for the DVD I was using! I needed all those “Good job momma!” and kisses with every cobra and downward dog! I recently purchased Jillian Michaels “Yoga Meltdown” -_- She scares me! This woman is no joke! I was thinking “Ohh this will be a good yoga mixed with an actual workout!” Welp, I was right! I have NEVER whined this much during yoga in the years I’ve been practicing. This woman is a brute, and my body is feeling it today!


If you want to spice up your routine and get some intense moves, I highly suggest this DVD! It’s still your basic yoga yet she has you move through your positions. Example: warrior pose instead of holding and breathing, you pump up and down numerous times and then hold!

Aside from that I did my nails, I am calling them “Murder She Wrote”, maybe they can encourage me to keep writing, followers or no followers, ha.


Time to finish this bottle of water and hit the showers! I have some craft stuff to get together for when Kae gets home! I am positive today will be a “2 post” kinda day.

Enjoy your afternoon


^ also….this had me cracking up!

Go, Yoga, Go

Published January 4, 2013 by tabbimarie13

Well today….that lack of sleep caught hold of all of us. Kae unfortunately missed school due to this. I feel like that mother that just doesn’t care when this happens, it’s rather annoying. Since we missed the bus and did not wake up till after her “Lunch period”, there was no point in driving her to school.
After emailing her teacher my apologizes and asking that what she missed so we can practice at home, I began the morning routine. I am not sure how yours begins, but mine has to start with that first steamy hot cup of coffee (addiction 101 ). Once I have at least a cup in my system it’s time to feed the dogs and cat, pick up the house, vacuum, make a snack and end with my yoga obsession. Today since kae missed school, she joined in. I’m not sure what cable company you have, but here in downriver Michigan, we have Comcast (now called Xfinity), but our “on demand”section has one of the best fitness sections. I began my session and as I ended I scrolled through and found this

The “Kids” section on demand has a “Fun&Fit” section full of yoga. It’s called Activity TV Jr. and Kae has officially fallen in love! I can not blame her at all.
Now a days kids have nothing but technology at their finger tips. Why play outside when you can sit in front of video games? Since she is so young I figure, why not encourage it? All it took was one yoga session. She especially loves that towards the end of the session, the parents come in and do a move with you. After her morning yoga, she asked me to buy her a mat for just her and to crochet her a set of yoga socks like mine. 😀

I strongly suggest that you guys check this out. If you don’t have xfinity I found a few YouTube videos that are just as good


Resolution Season

Published January 3, 2013 by tabbimarie13

It’s that time again, where once a year you declare you’re going to change something about yourself. After reading many Facebook posts…I’m yet again disgusted by mankind.
Your resolution should be to put your family first. I’m so sick of seeing people place others before their own family. My family ALWAYS comes first, so should yours. Yeah, add your diet to that as well. I know far to many people who declare how much they love their families…yet they are never around.
Your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends and bar hopping are ruining moments you’ll never, ever, get back. Doesn’t that hurt? Do you not care? We get it, your in love. You enjoy a night out. You like being wasted. That’s whatever, that is not going to be there when you are old. That won’t be there in the photo album. That’s not a milestone.
My other favorite is when people put their significant others kids before their own. Seriously!? If your not going to be equal, what is the point? Let’s brag about everything you do for them and not your own. Ugh, I could rant all day about this. I see my family doing all this and the few friends I have. Disgusting.

Moving on…my resolution is the same every year. Spending as much time as I can with the divas. This year I added in yoga every day as well. Sadly, I have to buy new DVDs. I loaned my favorite one out, and well she’s no longer a friend. So far (I know it’s only 2 days in ) I’ve stuck with it. Yesterday, kae and I found a “Mom and me” yoga on demand. She actually had a blast doing it!  It was cute to watch her attempt the “mom” moves!


We brought in the new year with hubbys family. The kids got to play with their cousins. The adults got to have adult conversations ( rare moments) and at midnight the family cheered together. A perfect way to start a new year, being surrounded with love and family.

The family is a haven in a heartless world. ~Attributed to Christopher Lasch

If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’ve never been to a family reunion. ~Ashleigh Brilliant