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Thank You!

Published March 28, 2013 by tabbimarie13

Altlantamomofthree thank you so much for your card! I received it the other day and just haven’t had the time to post! It came on Pae birthday and she happily shared her stickers with kae!
It meant alot that you took the time out of your day to send a smile up here to Michigan!

Again, thank you!



Versatile Blogger Award!

Published January 26, 2013 by tabbimarie13


The lovely Alantamomofthree nominated me for versatile blogger and well I’m excited! Thank you again! With that being said let’s begin!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

*Link back to the person who nominated you.
*Nominate other blogs for the award.
*List 7 random things about you. *Put the award pic on your acceptance post.

Drum roll please…and the nominees are…

Motherhoodisanart -I’ve enjoyed reading about her beautiful Packer family, aside from her Steelers hubby!

Justonemomma85 -You can’t wrong with a Tim Hortons loving momma! I’ve enjoyed reading about her beautiful family and the life of motherhood.

Fiammisday -I just discovered her blog and I’m in love! Between the beautiful Childrens fashion and her style of writing…what’s not to love.

Whereplesantfountainslie – Poetry=<3 Some of the most beautiful poetry out there!

There's a few more but sadly I'm at work, so it's hard to get everything I want posted…plus the wifi here isn't working with me today -_-

Now for the Random Tabbi facts:

1. I just finished making baby shower gifts, for a shower that's tomorrow. Procrastination is an issue with me!


2. I should be working, but I got caught up stalking down the blogs I’ve missed the past week….whoops!

3. Pandora 90s is my go to for good music, but my work out music is Eminem!

4. I love reading and am currently out of books…and the closest book store is an hour drive -_- So I’ll be out of books for awhile.

5. People like to judge me based off my job. It pays my bills and I get to craft, read and catch up on phone calls &emails. Besides 95% of people have shipped in this kind of store at least once!

6. Coffee is my addiction in life. I drink at least a pot a day, some days 2.

7. I found a penpal for my daughter finally, now to find myself one.

Thank you again!

It’s finally over!

Published December 28, 2012 by tabbimarie13

Holidays…Psh should be renamed to just stress. My family is huge, I celebrate holidays at 8-9 houses every year -_- It’s exhausting, it’s annoying, everyone is constantly pulling me this way and that way…I’m a total holiday Grinch with no shame. Luckily I’ve become a professional at fake smiles and laugher!
Don’t get me wrong,I love my family and those select few true friends…but bahfreakinghumbug! The kids however, love it. They love visiting everyone, torturing everyone and lord knows they love all the attention they get! This Christmas was crazy! These girls got beyond enough and should be content for at least another day!
Kae got so much arts and crafts stuff, she doesn’t know what to do first. Pae got tons of dinosaurs and a my little pony train set…she actually is content for hours.
Hubby and I got the normal house wear, clothes and random goofy things. I made out better than him…my brother and sister in law found a zombie pin up fleece blanket (insert giant cheese smile) with a wallet! I also FINALLY got a coffee press thanks to Madre and her boyfriend (again add a cheese smile here).
All in all I could type paragraph on top if paragraph of toys, clothes, blankets, pillows, crayons, markers,airbrush machines, tablets, ice cream maker things they received. These girls are very blessed,very spoiled, very appreciative little divas. Kae is already preparing next years list lol. Ohhh she got a knitting machine, and has mastered leg warmers…she’s so proud, it’s so so damn cute.
We seen everyone who means something to us, and that’s all that matters. To my old friends who disappeared,your loss. You can only fake friendship so long, before you just give up fully. A part of misses you, but the rest is just done being hurt.
To my followers I hope you had an amazing holiday and may the new year bring you peace, love and happiness