What To Expect

Due to the fact that my “About Me” page won’t let me edit it…I thought I’d update it anyways.

With that being said you can expect the following on this blog, as well as some random facts about me.


Photographs- I love taking pictures and/or finding what I believe to be beautiful.

Sarcasm- As my grandma says, I’m a smartass and im full of dry humor…I don’t believe that last part, but you never argue with grandma, right?!

Tim Burton- is a God! I love his work! The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite ❤ My obsession resulted into a shoulder piece tattoo and my wedding theme<3

Arts & Crafts- My family is obsessed with creating! Everyday we make at least one thing! It’s our way of bonding, teaching and encouraging the imagination. I make it a point to remind the Divas that there is no such thing as bad art!

Crochet- I am no professional, but I am becoming a little obsessed!

Book Reviews- I am a book worm! Chances are if I read something,
it’ll end up on here.

Marriage- well I am married, so expect funny stories about the hubby.

Kids- Im a proud mom who loves being home with her children every day! They are my rock and I love to brag about them every second that I can!

Work- Chances are anything related to work is just venting, whining and complaining…sorry.

Zombies- I am OBSESSED with them.

Horror Movies- Are our favorite in this house!

Batman- What can I say? I am a complete geek for that masked vigilante! I wish we had a Bat Call here in Detroit!

Bad Grammar- Sorry! I tend to blog from my cell phone and sometimes it’s auto corrects fault…others it my lack of proof reading before posting! It’s on my list of things to work on…one day…

Swearing- I actually try not to use the major “bad words” while blogging and sometimes it slips. If it offends you…ignore it.

Yoga- The divas and I do yoga daily, it’ll be mentioned numerous times…you should try it

I have my days of venting, rambling, whining and wishing. Who doesn’t!



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