Oyy veyy

Published March 28, 2013 by tabbimarie13

Well world, in one week we fired the two new people, hired two more, fired an old employee and I some how agreed to take over management before December. That’s a mouthful huh?!
Life has been in full force, like always! But this has been a very special week! My sweet, yet feisty baby girl turned 3! Monday was spent saying “its your day!” All day! The girls godmom saved me a trip to the store and came over with a big chocolate cake and some gifts. All, in all…the day was spent with family



My baby

As I whined before Sunday I was forced to pull a double at work. 945am until 1215am…I’m happy to announce I did not kill any customers! It actually wasn’t that bad and I only started to die an hour before it was close. My sales were even good. There’s one thing I’m really good at, sales. There’s also one thing I hate doing, sales. Working in retail is a very bipolar career. One rude customer can just ruin an entire shift!
Back to the two new employees. My boss is trusting me with training! This Friday I train the girl, next Friday I train the boy. Oh and for the first time since JUNE, I have the next two weekends off! Maybe that’s why I’m in such a great mood lately.
I’m still sleep deprived. Honestly, I don’t think anyone can train their bodies to wake up 445am, again at 7am and stay awake until after 2am for work. Some days I get it done, others I’m running around screaming at hubby to get up or he’s gonna be late and bribing kae to let me drive her to school, so I can get a half hour nap. All in all though, its getting done.
My Mom was sent home from her rehabilitation. She’s doing fine and is still in her brace. I have yet to see her, but we text here and there.
This weekend is Easter…and like always the bunny is slacking and will be doing last minute baskets -_- I really need to master procrastination and over come it lol…one step at a time!
As for now, my house has been neglected and I need work clothes for tonight.






2 comments on “Oyy veyy

  • Wow, that’s a lot of hiring and firing!! Glad to hear you’re set to have two weekends off. 😀 Now….don’t answer the phone during those days!!! (That’s what I always tell my hubby so they can’t call him in! lol)
    And, Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

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